bloodstains, speed kills

fast cars, cheap thrills

Nessa Crizack
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I wanna be stereotyped, I wanna be classified
I wanna be a masochistic, i wanna be sadistic
I wanna be a clone
I wanna suburban home, suburban home, suburban home

darby crash is love.

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join it, because i'm a mod and it's a fun community

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80's hardcore, [sub][hum][ans], a global threat, abrasive wheels, adolescents, agoraphobic nosebleed, anal cunt, angelic upstarts, anti-heros, antidote, apathy, attention deficit disorder, aus rotten, bandanas, bass, being outside, being sarcastic, being sober, belching loudly, black flag, blanks 77, blatz, blitz, blood for blood, bomb squadron, bones brigade, boston, boys, burning things, capitalist casualties, cats, caustic christ, chaos, chaos uk, chaotic dischord, charles bronson, choking victim, cigarettes, circle jerks, circle pits, crucial unit, darby crash, defiance, deicide, descendents, destroying stuff!, distortion, doing my own thing, doom, east coast panic, fucking metal, fun, funeral dress, gang green, garter belts, gg allin, gism, grindcore, handcuffs, hardcore, hot ladies, kissing, kitties, krystughhhhhhh, laughing at people, leann, leftover crack, leopard print, makeup, making fun of things, making out, meeting people, menace, metal, municipal waste, music pirating, napoleon dynamite, nart, nasum, no-ca$h, not drinking, oi!, old rancid, peter&the test tube babies, piercings, pig destroyer, pogo!, pogoing at school, punk, raw punk, reading, reagan youth, really big bongs, red lipstick, sarcasm, sewing, shows, skate thrash, skeptix, slapshot, slaughter & the dogs, speed, spitting, stage diving, stockyard stoics, street punk, stretchy clothes, the boston crew, the briefs, the bristles, the casualties, the color pink, the crizack, the germs, the pist, the scum, the stza, total chaos, toxic narcotic, unwanted cynicism, unwanted sarcasm, upbeat music, urban waste, vice squad, vomit punx, wee mikey, weed, x